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Having had the opportunity to cross an item off of my bucket list (going to the Super Bowl-you can read more on my personal website under my personal newsletter) I decided to publish my working bucket list, including the few items that I have accomplished. I am young yet, plus I have not really put much thought into this so far. On top of that, I of course am so thankful for all that I have experienced, that its hard to think about the things I have not done!

Working Bucket List:

-Take my wife and kids to Disney World
-Take my wife and kids to Disneyland
-See a NFL game live
-See Peyton Manning play live
-Go to the Super Bowl

Not Completed:
-Do Disney World with my family, my sisters family and our parents
-Go to Africa
-Meet Peyton Manning
-Take Micah & Abby to El Salvador to meet our Compassion Kids
-Go to Germany
-Visit the Holy Land
-Go on an African Safari
-Go to Australia
-Get Doctorate
-Scuba & Snorkel in Amazing Places
-Visit all 50 states (I have 30-35 done)
-Visit at least 3 other continents (done North & South America of course)
-Take Micah to a Super Bowl