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Its been quite the summer (hence the reason for the long blog sabbatical) for me and for our family. As I look back on it, God’s hand is clear and as much as I hate transition, this transition has been a gift from God. From June 9 until July 15, the following happened in our lives: I was voted to be the next Pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Auburn, Indiana which I accepted, We went on vacation to New York to be with some family which included some time in Indiana to look at houses as well as a stop at Niagara Falls (we met my mom there who then took the kids so we could spend the night in Niagara Falls), we found, closed on, worked on and moved into our dream house, Jessica got a new job, we found renters for our house in Colorado Springs, secured funding for the rest of my doctorate, moved in and much more. It was a whirlwind summer. I am a creature of habit and certainly glad to be back in a routine. I am working hard to catch up, and am caught up except for some blogs and my doctoral work. The next couple months will be crazy as I seek to get four papers written and two edited by October 1 so that I can remain in the doctoral program and graduate next summer. We are excited about our new jobs, our new home and the new school for the kids. We are looking forward to next week which is our first full week of the school year. We are thankful for all of the support and prayers we received during this crazy time and I am ever thankful for this great adventure of following Jesus.