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I have always been thankful for the reality of seasons, in climate, ministry and life. While I do not enjoy every season, I have found that the change of routine, challenge, and joy has been a true gift. As we settle in to our new home and location and after just over 6 months here having celebrated our first Christmas here, I can say that it is beginning to truly be and feel like home for us. I am excited for this season of ministry and life for our family as we hope that it will be a long one. We had a nice Christmas vacation and spend some time at home and traveled to see family in New York. We also ended up with an extra week of vacation, at least for Jessica and the kids due to a big snowstorm. It was probably a little too much vacation though! While it is hard for me to stop, relax and do nothing (especially if I am not going anywhere for vacation), I know that I need it and am thankful that my wife helps me to do this. I am also very much a creature of habit and routine and always at my happiest, most energetic and best when I am in a routine that includes rest, self-care, family time and many other things in work and life. While routine came a little later in January this year, I am now thankful to be in routine and can look forward to the next break that God gives me. Routine and change, both gifts from God to be enjoyed!