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I am excited to update my bucket list just a little in honor of the start of the NFL season. I am excited to accomplish at least one item this year and am always thinking of some more. None of it would be possible without God and the many amazing people God put into my life.

Working Bucket List:

-Take my wife and kids to Disney World
-Take my wife and kids to Disneyland
-See a NFL game live
-See Peyton Manning play live
-Go to the Super Bowl
-Get doctorate
Almost Complete:
-Visit Israel

Not Completed:
-Do Disney World with my family, my sisters family and our parents
-Go to Africa
-Meet Peyton Manning
-Take Micah & Abby to El Salvador to meet our Compassion Kids
-Go to Germany
-Go on an African Safari
-Go to Australia
-Go to NCAA Final Four
-See Syracuse play in NCAA Final Four
-Scuba & Snorkel in Amazing Places
-Visit all 50 states (I have 30-35 done)
-Visit at least 3 other continents (done North & South America of course)
-Take Micah to a Super Bowl