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So far I have taken 3 of 5 trips and been away 17 of 31 days for the intensive travel schedule I have Jan. 15-Mar. 15. So far I have been in Indianapolis for a clergy retreat, England for an immersion learning experience and Orland for a clergy conference. Each has been valuable in its own way to my faith and ministry. I am continuing to process the trips, especially England. It has been very fascinating to experience God speaking in so many ways as of late and it has been encouraging and overwhelming in many ways. The potential that exists is great. In the midst of all of this, I am out of routine which has made things a bit difficult, particularly as it relates to health. I am very excited for my next trip, the journeys of Paul in Greece and Turkey. It promises to be an incredible time of learning.  I am thankful for this life God has given me and looking forward to the rest of 2016 and all it has for me.