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It has been several years since I was doing a lot of travel (at least 5) but 2011 has me traveling a lot. I am currently in California for my first doctoral class. It is trip that is almost two weeks after a week in El Salvador with only three weeks home. After getting back from California, I am home for two weeks before leaving again for a mission trip. in 2011 it will be four weeks of mission trips, four weeks of vacation, and three weeks of continuing education travel. Its a lot of travel this year (although vacation will be with the family!) and I have found that while I used to love to travel, I do not love it as much. Perhaps it is the packing or the change in routine. More likely it is being a parent of two wonderful kids and missing them. Even with skype and other technology, and even though I love everything I am doing, I do wish I did not have to travel so much.