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We have incredible kids. We are biased, but even an unbiased observe would have to admit that we lucked out. Its always amazing to see what kids will say and do. Micah and Abby are always surprising us. Sometimes the surprises are unpleasant, other times funny, and often moving. Then there are those things like the ones above where it is funny when it happens, but not as funny when you realize how much is in fact genetic!

There is no greater honor and gift than being a parent, even in the challenging moments to know how much you love this little child and how honored you are to be a part of shaping their life, that God created each of you for this moment, for this relationship. Kids have such a high capacity for love and compassion, its one of the many reasons Jesus told the disciples that unless they became like a little child they would never be able to see the fullness of the kingdom. Thanks God for kids, and especially for ours.