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Having lived in a variety of states (New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana) besides Colorado, I have always thought about and missed certain businesses, restaurants and foods from each of the states I have lived in. I thought it might be fun to compile my top ten list of things that I miss from other states where I have lived that I would love to see in Colorado Springs (or even just Colorado).


10. Ikea

A great furniture store! The good news is that there is now one in South Denver, so I can probably cross this one off my list.


9. Dinosaur BBQ

This BBQ joint in Syracuse, NY is still the best BBQ I have ever had.


8. Steak & Shake

Its not that it’s the best food in the world (although I do love it) but its just one of those places that you love because of the whole experience. I fell in love with Steak & Shake in Indiana. There is now one in South Denver with rumor that 3 are coming to Colorado Springs eventually, so this one should probably come off the list too.


7. O’ Charley’s

This Midwest restaurant is just wonderful. I miss it from my time in Indiana and they have the best loaded potato soup in the world!


6. Hoffman Hot Dogs

From New York, these are simply the best hot dogs in the world. They go great with #3 on the list!


5. Rita’s Water Ice

If you have been there, you know what I am talking about. Best shaved/Italian ice in the world. I miss this place a lot from my time living in Pennsylvania.


4. Yuengling Lager

This oldest microbrew in the US from Pennsylvania is by far my favorite beer. It is simply divine and I bump into many here in Colorado that wish we had it here. It has not made it any further west than Ohio from what I can tell.


3. Salt Potatoes

From upstate NY these tiny potatoes are a must eat item during the summer. I could have them soaked in butter every day if I could get my hands on them out here. They go great with #6 on the list.


2. Wegman’s

This is the very best grocery store in the universe. There is nothing quite like it even though I do like Kroeger. Their stores, products, prices and shopping experience is like no other. They are mostly in New York although they have started to spread south along the east coast.


1. WAWA!

There is no convenience store in the world like WAWA. Mostly in PA and NJ, I fell in love with these stores in college and make sure I get to one every chance I get when I am traveling out that way. In fact, every youth group I have taken to PA has also fallen in love with WAWA. Their iced tea products are simply amazing!


These are the big ones. There are other things I miss, but not as much as the ones listed here. I do of course always miss certain people and relationships that were formed while I lived in each of these places…but those people and relationships are too important for this list.