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“Swimming lessons are better than a lifeline to the shore.” C.S. Lewis

from “A Slip of the Tongue” in Weight of Glory


One can always count on Lewis to say something profound that resonates both in his time and culture and beyond. The quote is applicable in many ways, in our handling of life and its challenges, in our relationships (marriage and others), in the way we handle our faith and make decisions. The most profound application has to do with parenting in today’s world. Its terrifying raising a child today, and it truly does take a village. There has always been the temptation to have our children in a bubble so we can protect them. This is perhaps more true than ever in our culture today. Helicopter parenting amongst other things are prevalent and while they might seem good at first glance, they do not prepare our children for life outside of our protective bubbles. Perhaps rather than constantly throwing out a lifeline (or making our kids stay on the shore, or better yet in the house) we might just want to teach them to swim while they can experience consequences, failure and disappointment in safety before they leave the shore on their own.