February 8, 2010 at 6:24 pm • Posted in UncategorizedNo comments yet

Last night, I watched my Colts lose the Superbowl. I was disappointed. I wanted them to win, but I did not expect a win, and I find myself very happy for the Saints, and especially thrilled for the city of New Orleans. I had the pleasure of watching the game with my family, and with the youth of the church. It was a good time. After the game was over, some of the youth thought I was mad, or that something was wrong, which I found interesting, because I did not feel mad. Today as I have reflected on this, I thought about what was keeping me quiet and not as engaged as usual. I was tired. I need to sleep more…and because I love football, I was tired from the game. The ups and downs are great, and it is fun rooting and hoping for your team, but it is pretty tiring. Its amazing how tired we are as human beings, and I do not think it is the lack of sleep that is always the source of our lack of energy. Perhaps it is our lack of exercise, the way we eat, the quality of our sleep, our stress, etc. I often wonder if our tiredness is because all of the emotional energy we use each day? I think it is, and am pondering if it is a good thing. The use of emotional energy sometimes indicates that we are not relying on God enough. On the other hand, the use of emotional energy indicates significant relationships—which is a Kingdom value. So, I continue to ponder as I reflect on a good night with great friends, what is appropriate tiredness?