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I love stories. In fact, we all love stories. The stories of the Olympics were engaging, life giving, irresistible.  The stories that we read are also interesting and intriguing. We love movies and televisions, not because of the effects or entertainment in the end, but because of the stories. We love to listen to other’s stories, real or made up. We always find a place of interest or connection. Part of our attraction to stories is that we want to connect, we need to connect, we desire to be in community. We desperately want for our stories to be heard by others. We want to be known, but we never seem to think our stories matter as much as everyone else’s story. This is a falsehood. Our stories matter deeply and perhaps we need more of in this world is to share our stories with each other. That may be the only way in our world to get the community that we crave and need. Each of our stories and unique and beautiful. Our stories have made us who we are, and impact how we transform others. God is the author of THE STORY, and of our stories. Let us embrace the story of our lives and know that the writer loves us more than any of the characters ever could.