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I have now completed my first week of my almost three week (20 day) vacation. This year, unlike the past several years, we decided not to go anywhere for vacation. The last couple have not worked out great, and we were tired and a bit poor too. It made more sense to stay here, relax, catch up on house work and perhaps take some day or weekend trips. So far it is going well, it seems that it takes a couple days to ease into vacation. I have been mostly able to avoid work and have slept in some too! I dread going back on the 9th as I have many full days with a lot that did not get done before I left and some that will accumulate while I am gone as well. It has been nice to be with my kiddos and work around the house and catching up on various projects as well. I was worried about getting bored, but the days seem to fill up pretty easily as I enjoy this staycation.


I am not always good at stopping or taking a break, nor have I always been good at using all of my vacation time; however I have begun to learn how critical it is to have a vacation, both for my own health and the health of my family as well. It is a gift, a sabbath of sorts that not only gives us rest and renewal, but the gift of a different pace. I am hopeful that this will be a good time for me and for my family as I enjoy this time off.