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Below is a comment I posted on Facebook that got a lot of response. I think about politics quite a bit and it has been disturbing to see the state of things as of late. More disturbing is that we do not think about this in a Christ-like way that the lack of civility really comes from the people and not the politicians. So here is my mini-reflection for what it is worth:



A couple things stuck me today. For all the conversation about how negative both presidential campaigns are being, if you read Facebook you see negativity and hatred (both sides) that makes the presidential campaign mild. No wonder politicians are so negative; do you think it might be perhaps because the people they lead are the same? Then we have the economy. Its easy to blame a particular party, branch of government or president, but isn’t it ironic that after years of living outside of our means as a people, piling on debt, giving less, spending more and expecting things we have not earned that our government would follow suit? Perhaps some self-reflection might yield an understanding that if we are the problem, that we too should be the solution?