October 26, 2011 at 8:11 pm • Posted in UncategorizedNo comments yet

Today was the first “snowstorm” of the season. So far we have about 4-5 inches at my house, at least in the places were it has not already melted. I love snow and I love a good snow storm. The more the merrier. I am noticing however that every year the news stations and weather “forecasters” (I like to call them guessers) make a huge deal about the storm and it always turns out to be less than expected. This storm was no exception and I have found it to be humorous. I am not sure why we do this in Colorado. Granted we do not get as much snow as everyone thinks, but still we ought to be used to it. I am more used to it perhaps because I grew up in Upstate NY where we got a lot of snow. I am surprised how much people react here, because those who have lived here should be used to it. Its not an issue of military families—the move and live everywhere and they are tough. If they can do 300 degrees in the middle east, a little snow should be no big deal. It might be because so many people from Colorado are from somewhere else, a lot from Texas and California. That is almost a reasonable excuse, but come on people, its just a little snow.


I say get over it and enjoy it.


May this be the snowiest year of all. Give me blizzards Lord Jesus!