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Here is the next set of ridiculous political posts, you can view the first set on this blog as well or on my Facebook page.


Ridiculous Political Post #8

The media is clearly biased when it comes to politics. No matter what they say about themselves, their bias is undeniable. In this political season it is terrible that they would not allow an important issue to come up. In this media conspiracy the candidates themselves have joined with the media in their refusal to deal with an important issue: daylight savings time. Daylight Savings Time is destroying our country; its dramatic effect on our health, our economy and our general sanity is something that must be addressed. While it may feel nice to ‘gain’ an hour of sleep once a year, the havoc that this change of clock creates as time in manipulated and sleep is lost is un-American.


Ridiculous Political Post #9

We have a math problem in this country and the candidates are both weak on this issue. They try to appease this issue by constantly talking about percentages, the 1%, the 99%, the 47%. Where do they get this stuff? Don’t they know that 90% of statics are made up or that -2% of Americans care about percentages. Stop the madness! No wonder we are behind China.


Ridiculous Political Post #10

One of the greatest theological truths of our time can be found on many t-shirts and bumper stickers. In fact, most good theology and understanding of the world and God comes from t-shirts and bumper stickers. One truth that can be applied to this election is this: ‘he who has the most toys wins.’ Shouldn’t our political system and election process be simplified? How about this, ‘he with the post political signs wins.’ Who is with me?!


Ridiculous Political Post #11

Immigration is clearly an issue in our country. Immigration creates strain on the economy, housing, public services and public safety. Here in Colorado for example we have a very big problem with Texan immigration. It creates havoc on our roads, in our parks and generally disturbs the peace that we Coloradans are entitled to! Which candidate will have the courage to address this issue?


Ridiculous Political Post #12

There is a lot of talk about religion in this election, which is unfortunate because it means that other things are not addressed. Unfortunately much of the talk about religion is a misrepresentation of various faiths and is rooted in fear and hate. No religion at its core is rooted in fear and hate. I am not an expert on the various sects within a religion and I cannot say which is more dangerous, the Muslim Jihad, the Christian Fundamentalist Jihad, The Mormon Jihad, The Hindu Jihad, The Jewish Jihad, The Buddhist Jihad, and so on. I don’t know which Jihad is which anymore! I think the more healthy solution would be to make sure that all candidates for presidents would sign a pledge to not have a religion at all. That way we can all hate together and all be offended. That way we can take religion out of everything and everyone. Surely that will make our country better.


Ridiculous Political Post #13

All this talk about Sesame Street has me confused. I don’t know what Romney or Obama have to do with Big Bird, but I can tell you this is very confusing to me. I grew up on ‘the street,’ Sesame Street that is and if Big Bird has anything to do with politics that we need to scrap this whole election and make the Swedish Chef president. Who cares if he was not born in the US, can’t we make an exception?


Ridiculous Political Post #14

Nobody seems to care about who is vice-president and they don’t seem to matter much. I am not even sure we have ever really had a good one. I think there is a better way. Instead of candidates picking their vice presidents before the election, I think that vice-presidents should be selected by a random lottery drawing the day after the election.