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This past Sunday I went to my first ever NFL game with my son and my father. It was my dad’s 60th birthday gift as he has been a life-long Broncos fan. It was an amazing experience all around. It will be hard to watch a football game on TV anymore actually, as it was such a cool experience. It was a good and exciting game, and of course I would have rather had the Broncos win, but it was pretty exciting. The referee issue has bothered me since the start of the season, and this game did not help any. The officiating situation is clearly terrible and the outrage, while overplayed like most things in our culture is legitimate. Roger Goodell is not a leader, and his greed may get the best of him this time. The issue is not fairness, money, or the game itself in my mind. Yes, it is just a game. The two core issues from my perspective are integrity and order. Without somewhat consistent (and all officiating is imperfect) and clear officiating, there cannot be order. When there is not order, chaos takes over, often giving way to much worse things (such as violence). Without order, the game takes longer, there is confusion and enjoyment is sucked out of the whole experience. The greater issue at hand is integrity. The game has become a joke in so many ways and its all due to a lack of integrity. Sports need integrity and ironically its one of the few places left in our culture that some (albeit only a little) integrity is built into the system itself. The lack of integrity in our culture is a huge problem, and this very small problem with the replacement officials only magnifies the problem of integrity in the game and in our culture. There is too much money in football, and while I do not support any of the greed, lets just pay these lowly officials whatever it is they want and move on to some real football. In the meantime, I won’t be watching  near as much (if at all) until we can get this resolved.