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In the middle of this NFL season, I made a prediction about coaches in the NFL. As the season comes to an end and several coaches have already lost their jobs, it seems as though my prediction is coming true. I wish I could be so lucky with lottery numbers. Here is what I have been saying with my commentary.


About midseason:

It is my prediction that there will be 6-12 coaching changes this season for the next season. In fact I think it is possible that each division will lose a coach. A couple weeks later I began saying that I believe each division will likely lose one coach. Here is my breakdown:


AFC East

At first I thought it would be the coach of Buffalo, and while that is still possible I think it will be the Dolphins coach that will be fired. Of all of the divisions, this is one that I feel a little less confident about.


AFC South

Any coach in this division is up for a job loss, except for Indianapolis. Dallas is interested in Jeff Fisher and he is likely to go. It is possible for Jacksonville and Houston’s coach to be fired, although it seems less likely in the last week, especially in the case of Houston. The wild card is that Denver is very interested in Houston’s coach.


AFC North

The Bengal’s coach is likely to be gone. His contract is up and while his departure will probably be because he does not renew, it is possible that the organization will not renew.


AFC West

Josh McDaniels has already been fired. It would be possible for San Diego’s coach to be fired, but word is Turner will return.


NFC East

Dallas’ coach who should never be a head coach (Wade Phillips) has been fired already. The rest are safe although the Giants coach can start to be nervous for the end of the next year.


NFC South

Carolina clearly needs to get rid of Fox and word is that he will not return. Everyone else should be safe, but anything can happen.


NFC West

Clearly after week 3, Singletary (49er’s) was going to be gone. It has happened. The rest of the coaches should be pretty safe.


NFC North

The Vikings coach has already been fired. The rest should be very safe at this point.


Those are my thoughts. Anything can happen, but this will be a big year for coaching changes without a lot of good coaches to pick from (old coaches returning, fired coaches, coordinators etc). The top ones I see are Cowher, Gruden, Harbaugh, Fisher (if fired), Kubiak (if fired), Garrett, Frazier among others.