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Yesterday was the first Sunday of the NFL season for 2009-2010. Whenever anyone asks me what the hardest part about being in ministry is; one of my first thoughts is missing too much football! I did manage to catch some games yesterday and many of them were not as exciting as one might have hoped, but it was still a wonderful day. The start of the NFL season makes me think of the start of fall and I love fall…the leaves, the thought of snow, pumpkin flavored anything, fires in the fireplace, playing in the leaves with my kids and so much more. I love football, especially pro football and it is a good outlet for me. It allows me moments of true sabbath.  Yesterday I was humored by much of the commentary offered. It turns out that there are still funny and ridiculous things said even with the retirement of John Madden! One of my favorite lines/thoughts was when one commentator talked about how the Minnesota Vikings got Brett Favre as a part of the ‘cash for clunkers’ program.  One commentator talked about a player on the ‘to be incarcerated list’ which I found both sad and funny. I love the thrill of the game and think that the story that unfolds mirrors life in the Kingdom of God so many times. One of my commitments to myself is to be better about blogging so that I can continue to see and reflect on the story God is writing in, around, with, and through me.