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The tragedy in Newtown is beyond expression or comprehension. Unfortunately, it has in many ways become another lighting rod for division, fear, blame and hatred. It’s a sad way to honor those who were lost, especially those precious children. I will never forget the day that it happened as long as I live. So many thoughts went through my mind as I wrestled with the devastation that we all struggle with. As I discussed it with Micah and Abby, I could not help but to think of those parents who were not able to talk to their children that night. I know that I hugged my kids a bit tighter that night and hope that the one good thing that will come from this tragedy in my own life is that I will love and appreciate my children more than before it happened. As I pray for those most impacted by this tragedy, I must trust that God will take this tragedy and make good of it, as he is the one who redeems all things.