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Kids are a mirror to people and a reflection of God to the world.


Every once and a while you get a win. In the midst of parenting, its easy to focus on the tough times. Its easy to assign blame for things that your kids inherited or learned from you. Then there are the moments where your kids amaze you; and rarely do we as parents have the courage to take credit…and that is accurate because most of the time it is God and the community that really deserve the credit. I was thinking about my kidsĀ  today and some of the amazing things they have done recently. It occurred to me that both Micah & Abby are deeply caring kids. They comfort crying kids, they have concern for kids who do not fit in. They eagerly greet everyone, and always willing to offer a hug. We got something right. We have given our lives (and by default our kids lives) to caring for others. It is our calling and our greatest legacy, and its a legacy that has already been passed. Now I eagerly wait to watch as our kids continue to amaze us in their care for others and watch with pride as they exceed anything we ever will beyond our own wildest dreams. There is hope for the church and the world yet.