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I enjoy sports quite a bit. I am sure there are many who enjoy it less and equally as many who enjoy sports more. My favorites are the NFL and Men’s NCAA basketball. I am either indifferent to or dislike the rest. There is no event on television that is more enjoyable for me than the NCAA basketball championship tournament, or March Madness as it is most frequently known as. It is a pure sporting event with upsets, surprises, great stories and much more. There is a purity to college basketball that has been lost on many sports, not to say that college basketball is perfect. I love learning about new teams, watching my bracket fall apart, seeing close games and shouting at the television while I cast any other important worries aside. I would not at all mind if my life and work stopped while the tournament was on each year. Its that enjoyable to me. Its simply magical and I look forward to it every year. I enjoyed this first week of basketball and am excited to see the rest of the tournament unfold.