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Last Friday I decided to Kayak Cedar Creek again. It runs through our property and is a long, winding, beautiful creek. It has been high of course with Spring and melting snow along with rain. For the first time I decided to venture down the Creek rather than up, and I sure had an adventure. I spent 2.5-3 hours total on my trip with stops etc and went at least 5 miles on the creek, likely more.
There were several times where obstacles (mostly downed trees) made it impossible to continue without getting out of the kayak and either pulling it over the tress or walking on land. Thankfully the water, though cold was not dangerously so nor was the land around the creek. I did decide to wear a short wetsuit and my new life vest this time, both of which were good decisions. I had my phone and camera with me in two separate waterproof bags.
The Creek was beautiful. It was very quite, flowing well, but not terribly fast at all. I did not see another human being the whole trip and it was a very warm and sunny day. The beauty of creation, along with other sites was relaxing and inspiring. I had to duck to navigate under a bridge due to the water being so high, it was the bridge that goes over the creek at County Line Road.
It was after the bridge that the real adventure began. My first exciting moment was finding a bunch of goose eggs. After taking some great pictures, I did decide to grab the eggs, because we love eggs and find them interesting. I had 5 total, though one broke right away as I got back into the kayak. I then had to navigate my first real set of ‘rapids’ (more like class 1) and it was moving quickly and I had to navigate around a lot of trees. I found a couple cool items for the kids then went over my first mini-waterfall without any issue. I then came around a bend and saw a very neat thing. Up high in the trees (at least 70 ft) were hundreds of birds and bird nests. They were most likely turkey buzzards or some kind of buzzard. The necks were too long to be hawks. I watched them fly around, sit on the nests, fight over the nests and watch me for some time. I did see a good bit of wildlife on my trip.
Then, around a bend after that I saw several deer frolicking in the woods. This is always a delight. Then I looked forward and 20 ft in front of me I watched a deer swim across the creek. Needless to say, I wish I had my camera out at that time.
After that, the creek did get a little more complicated. There were more obstacles and it was faster moving. I had to navigate around and under several large trees. I came upon one that I knew I could not get under safely, so I began to paddle to shore to walk around. Unfortunately, the current grabbed me rather quickly and I ended up agains the tree. This would not be an issue, however, the creek was moving very fast in that spot. Soon I found myself out of the kayak, pushed against it with my feet under some branches and the water just above chest high. I got the camera, phone, and paddle out of the water and on to the tree, with neither the phone or camera being wet or lost. I did appear to lose the remaining 4 eggs though.
I got out of the water to figure out how to safely proceed while hoping to keep at least my life, electronics and kayak. Eventually I had to stand on the tree and wedge the kayak free and allow it to float downstream rather than sink hoping it would get caught up on an obstacle and I could walk and catch up to it. I was not sure exactly where I was, but I knew I was close to a major road that Jessica was going to pick me up anyway. Needless to say she was a bit nervous at this point.
I lost the cover to the back part of my kayak and one of the handles to move the kayak came off. I did get the kayak free and it did float downstream and stop. I walked to it, emptied it and other than a large scratch on the bottom it was fine. I was able to get back in the kayak and safely on my way. It could have been very, very bad. I am thankful, appreciate the planning, equipment and experience I had and most of all thankful to God for adventure without major loss.
I made my way down to the creek to the road. I was going to take it around one bend to a park, but after the first bridge there was a waterfall with a 6 ft drop. Normally, I would do it, however I noticed that 10ft after the waterfall were a lot of trees and I was not sure I could recover quickly enough to safely avoid them, though I thought I would be able to. Deciding though that my dear wife was nervous and I had already experienced quite a bit of adventure, I decided to pull the kayak out and up to the road. I was thankful that the barn keys were still attached and in pulling it out, one of the goose eggs appeared from the back. I met Jessica by the roadside and loaded the kayak in the van and we took the short 5 min, 5-7 mile ride home.
What an adventure and what a day. I love water, creation, time with God, my kayak and adventure. Life is good.