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We are blessed in this country to not only have the opportunity to own our own home, but to have enough money and resources to have a home that we can own and call our own. I have owned two homes now and it has been a dream I never thought I would achieve. It is certainly much better than renting a home, that is for sure.

Home ownership comes with a lot of ups and downs. The biggest down is the time and money it requires to maintaining and let alone improve a home. We have had to do a lot of repairing, replacing and updating lately and while it is all good and valuable work, it has been a bit overwhelming. Our first house, we built. It was new and nice with little issues. It had a huge kitchen but a small yard. Our house now is very old, has a huge yard and a very small kitchen. I doubt there is such a thing as a perfect home, and I am realizing that no matter what the circumstances of the home or the work that it requires, home ownership is a gift. Most important of all are the relationships and memories that are shared in a home and that you make it your own–of course I would much rather do that with my bank account in tact!