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God has made us to be in relationships and without relationships we die. Most of our pain and joy comes from relationships. Relationships are complicated. Friendships are no exception, and lately I have been thinking about friendships. Recently in the midst of some inner turmoil regarding one particular friendship (NOT my best friend Chris-above) Jessica pointed out to me that there are friendships that you have and ones that you initiate. In other words, there are some friendships you happen upon and others that you are more intentional about. The ones you happen upon are often from work or other groups. You would not necessarily be friends if it was not for that connection and once that connection is lost, the friendship is harder to do or maybe even ends. The other kind are those that you keep regardless of the initial connection, ones that you would have regardless. Both are good, but I have a tendency to not see the difference and have had to learn to not weigh them the same, even though I love the people. What are the friendships that are worth working for and fighting for in your life?