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This past Sunday I had the chance to attend my second NFL game. I have been an NFL fan since I could remember, and its most certainly my favorite sport. It was not until last year that I had my first chance to go to a game. I enjoy watching the game, rooting for the teams I like (in order: Denver, Indianapolis, Philadelphia & Green Bay), rooting against the teams I despise (in order: New England, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Buffalo), hoping for the underdog when there is not a team for which I have passion, and enjoying amazing plays. It has been a privilege to go to a game live, even in the seats that are far up. Last year, while still living in Colorado I took my father, a life long Broncos fan to a game with my son in celebration of his 60th birthday. In December I will go to a Colts game with my son Micah, it will be my third game and his second. This past Sunday I went with a friend to see the Colts and Broncos play, my two favorite teams and got to see the return of Peyton Manning to Indianapolis. It was quite the experience. To not only see a great game, with a slightly disappointing outcome was amazing. To do it with a friend was wonderful. To see all the twists and turns of the game was something worth enjoying. To be there in the Stadium that Peyton built as the fans of his and of the Colts thanked and celebrated him is something that I will never forget. It was quite a powerful moment. I love the game, and I love the opportunity to experience it. There is much to be thankful for.