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It seems as though that life is always feast or famine. There are these seasons of non stop feast, whether the feast is full of healthy things or not so healthy things. Then there are these seasons of famine–seasons where little to nothing is happening, good or bad. Each of these seasons has value, but I find myself always wanting the other season, especially if I have found myself in feast or famine for an extended period of time. Without the feast we would not be blessed (the good) or challenged (through the bad). Without the feast we would be bored. Without the famine, we would not be able to rest and to reflect. Without the famine we would not be able to enjoy the quiet, be thankful for the excitement. We need the famine for this rest and reflection (good) and to appreciate life (in the midst of the bad). Most days however, I find myself just wanting to live in between.


How about you?