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Fall is most certainly my favorite of all the seasons. I love the weather, the smells, the tastes and the general life pace and nature of fall. Its not hot and chaotic like summer, its not wet and inconsistent like spring and its not quite as harsh as the winter. Loving the color orange and all things flavored pumpkin certainly does not hurt, but the nature of fall is also so nice. I love the colors and the clear change of season. Football, the start of the school year routine and the preparation for Christmas add to the joy of the fall season. The crisp mornings and evenings make the warmth of the day all the more spectacular.

This fall I am excited to embrace the season as it is more pronounced in Indiana than Colorado. Its also nice this year because the start of fall brings the end of the season of transition and I am basically caught up in all areas of life. I love the football season and am enjoying so much more time with my family this fall. I am looking forward to the full routine that comes with the start of October. God is most certainly good and the seasons bring great rhythm to my life.