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After three years of being off of my medicine for diabetes due to my lap band surgery, I have now had to go back on medicine. I am not sure if it is a temporary or permanent reality, but it has caused a shift in thinking. I am back to testing regularly and also need to be more careful about what I eat (which is good given the Pastors weight loss challenge which is not going as well as I would like it to). I do need to lose 10 more pounds anyway, so I am hoping that all of this will come together well with hiking season starting.


In some ways I have had to start over with health which has been discouraging, but also has provided an opening for me to take better care of myself. I am realizing how critical it is for me to get back into some of my habits that allowed me to take care of my self physically, emotionally and spiritually. It goes to show that God is always willing to help and guide us if we are looking for it. Soon, I hope to have brought my diabetes back to a better place and allow myself to get back into better habits.