November 20, 2020 at 3:11 pm • Posted in UncategorizedNo comments yet

2020 certainly has been a strange year with lots of adjustments, changes, challenges and opportunities. We have had to sacrifice a lot and endure a lot of loss of routines, plans etc. Most of these have truly been ‘first world problems.’

One of those adjustments in my life has come in my Christmas routine. I am a huge Christmas guy. We host a day long open house where 75-200 people come by. I make at least 40 pounds of candy including more than 5 kinds of fudge. Our outdoor decorations take 50-60 man hours to put up and fill a 2 car garage. We have 12 indoor Christmas trees and decorate 5 rooms and have a huge village. 

This year most of it is not happening due primarily to Covid-19. Its also in part because for the first time ever we get to do a family vacation at Christmas time now that I am not working in a church full time. So, this year its just the candles in the windows and the 12 Christmas trees (I know, I can hear you saying ‘just?’). It is truly a first world problem and I am taking it better than I thought I would, but nonetheless I am still sad.