March 23, 2012 at 4:38 pm • Posted in UncategorizedNo comments yet

I am really looking forward to spring break. I don’t actually get time off nor am I taking vacation during that time, but I am still excited for spring break. It will give me a chance to work at home some, at the office some and to work on various projects related to work as well as other areas of life.  A week off from driving the kids to and from schools and various events will be nice as well. I will take it a bit easy and I know that almost everyone around me needs the break this coming week. I think we get used to these seasons and our time off. The change of pace is healthy and helpful and I know I could use a down week before we get ready for Holy Week and the services and celebrations that come with that week. I hope that everyone can enjoy (or have enjoyed) a break sometime during this season and that you find peace, rest and time with those you love!