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I am aging. We are all aging. I am not oldĀ  or even getting old. I have not aged that much as I am still in my thirties. There is something about the thirties though that has changed things for me. While I am in the best physical condition of my life and more active than ever, I can feel the aging. I need and want sleep more than ever before. I do not fight in conflict situations as much because sometimes the thought of putting up a fight makes me tired. I get sick a little easier and it bothers me a bit more. When I lose sleep it takes longer to recover. I participated in a lock-in last weekend. They are the worst thing in youth ministry and I have always hated them. It has been about 3 years since I last had a lock-in, back in my twenties. Even with sleeping some, I am still exhausted and still recovering. Lock-ins were cool when I was in my twenties, not so much now than I am in my thirties. In fact, the lack of sleep has made it hard to sleep this week and it is even harder for me to function without sleep than it used to be. I find myself effected more dramatically by lack of sleep, especially with mood…I get very insecure when I am tired. As I grow older, coffee becomes more necessary. The fact is, that while I am still young…I am aging.