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I love the season of advent for a wide variety of reasons. It’s the start of the church year, it’s a very spiritual time and its all about preparing for Christmas. I love all things about Christmas: the shopping, baking, cooking, music, the shows, parties, presents, decorations, the Christmas cards, but maybe not the wrapping. It’s a wonderful season on every level. I certainly enjoy my children and the time we have with our family as well. Its great to watch them get excited and to also create and sustain some fun traditions. As I get older, I especially enjoy the perspective that the history and tradition of the church provides on advent. This year I am thinking a lot about three words associated with advent; waiting, anticipation and expectation. Waiting is all about building our patience and trust that is a part of our relationship with Jesus. Anticipating is about the excitement and passion we are able to have as Christ followers. Expectation is relying on the promises of God and knowing that whatever God has is going to be amazing. I hope to really embrace this season of advent, not only as it unfolds, but beyond.