Routine & Summer

June 15, 2016 at 11:40 pm • Posted in UncategorizedNo comments yet

It has been nice to be in a routine after a lot of travel the first three months of the year. I am a creature of habit and routine and the rhythm of exercise, family, work and more is a true blessing. Summer has arrived and the summer schedule is in full swing. It changes routine some, but also has a routine of its own. It is so nice that Jessica and the kids are home and that when I am off, I get to be with them. It is a less busy time at church and in teaching as well. We are looking forward to our big 10 day vacation to Tennessee and Florida seeing friends, doing Universal Studios and having time with my sister, parents, niece and nephews at Disney. Though I have traveled a lot this year, none of it was really a vacation and boy am I ready for a vacation!