10 Things I just don’t understand…

June 14, 2015 at 5:25 pm • Posted in Uncategorized1 Comment

Below is the top ten list (a la David Letterman) of things I just do not understand at all. I hope you enjoy. Honorable mention goes to the phrase: ‘haters gonna hate.’ It does not make any sense at all.
10. The Indiana Stop & turn. I love Hoosiers, but will never understand why the stop to make a turn when it is not necessary to stop to make the turn. It happens so frequently!

9. Driving below the speed limit in the left lane. Really?! The left lane is for passing!

8. Selfie Sticks. I get that somebody got rich off this, but does anyone realize how ridiculous these things make you look? Disney banned them on rides for safety.

7. Fox News. Its so biased it really cannot be called news and I just do not understand all the anger. Please note this is not a political statement.

6. Decaf Coffee. Now to be realistic, I do like the taste of coffee (strong), but why drink decaf, I just don’t get it. Coffee is about function. Plus there is some caffeine in decaf.

5. Wearing Sandals with Socks. Does anybody realize how ridiculous this looks? Do we know the purpose of sandals?

4. Super short shorts. If your pockets are longer than your shorts, they are too short. What is the point, its barely covering your underwear.

3. Justin Bieber. What else needs to be said. What is this person?

2. Skinny Jeans/pants on men. It makes no sense, looks terrible and cannot be comfortable or healthy.

1. Changing our clocks. Twice a year we change our clocks for no other purpose than to manipulate time based on some archaic and unrealistic practice. Its ridiculous.


Go Metric.