Syracuse Basketball

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There has been a lot of discussion about the NCAA investigation into Syracuse basketball. The university decided to impose a postseason ban on itself as the investigation unfolded. Its not clear to me what the investigation is about and the details are not being fully released, but two things are clear: first, it is something from the past, meaning years ago. Secondly, it is related to academics or grading, but not on a large scale. This is the second investigation for Syracuse, one that years ago were related to the behavior of an alumni, who unknown to the university was giving gifts to recruits and players. I have always been a firm believer in punishment amongst sports for violations at the college and pro level for all sports. In fact, I have found my self most frustrated with the inconsistency and incompetence of the NFL under the ‘leadership’ of Roger Goodell as it relates to this issue. The NCAA had decided that the one year postseason ban is acceptable and has dropped the issue. Without any other details, I cannot say much about that, but I do hope that Jim Boeheim had nothing to do with what may or may not have happened. Its difficult in these cases because it is really hard to go back and punish a team (unless they won a national championship), but unfair to punish a current team for the past. I will say it was a smart move by Syracuse to suggest a post season ban in a year where they are not playing well. I am hoping it was more than that, to get the issue over with, to have integrity and take a punishment not knowing if one was going to be given. Either way, I accept it, though disappointed and continue to support my orange and look forward to next year a little more than usual.

Snow Day Controversey

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There has been a lot of criticism and discussion over the decision by the school to have a snow day today. After listening and discussing it with many, I felt a need to weigh in on the issue.

The truth is that I would never want to be the one making these decisions. You can never make everyone happy, its not always clear and easy to decide and no matter what you do, you are taking risks. There is the risk of making the wrong decision with consequences from criticism to serious injury to students. It’s the one time that everyone in the school district becomes a superintendent.

I cannot say that I always agree with the decisions or that I would make the same decision, but I support our administration and our school. I believe in asking questions and accepting the answers. Even if I disagree (and in the case of today, I had no opinion until later in the day), I believe in supporting our school as long as my questions have been answered. I asked and was told there was not only some unplowed roads, but that there was concern about an afternoon snow storm that could make travel home dangerous.

So many things must be considered, primarily the safety of students: walkers, bus students and teenage drivers. We live in a very litigious society. The truth is that things are different than they used to be. Road conditions, weather forecast, temperatures, visibility and much more. Snow days can be an inconvenience to kids, parents and others, yet safety should always be primary.

Today I left my house at the time my kids would have gotten on the bus for a 2 hour delay. My road was not plowed, and neither was the major country road near by. On my journey into work, I found a car in the ditch and stopped to check to make sure everyone was okay and that they had help on the way. Thankfully, they were, but they were teenagers. It was a reminder of what is at stake. Later that day I drove home from work with my kids in the car at the time they would have been on a bus. The roads were terrible. I would not have wanted my kids on a bus on these roads. Turning on my road, I discovered it was still not yet plowed. It’s the first time since we moved here that there was a day that our road did not get plowed.

It was a good decision. It was the right decision. Even if it was not, our school erred on the side of safety and was more than willing to explain their rationale and worked extra hard to provide information for key events to parents. I support our school and I support the administration. I may not always agree, but as long as I am heard and information is shared, I will support it. Today the right decision was made and I am thankful for our district and its leadership.