Life on the Farm, Episode 21

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The episode number is a guess as we have not really been keeping track and posting all of the fun farm episodes, but this one has motivated us to post and blog about many episodes moving forward…


Life on the farm with Jessica and Marcus:


Jessica: What are you doing?

Me: Pouring gas over here so the fire will take off.

Jessica: Be careful, vapors can catch fire.

Me: OK

Jessica: Pour some over here (closer to fire).

Me: OK

(see previous note about vapors)

after seeing, smelling and feeling nothing but fire, I jump back and find that the fire is no longer on me.

Me: I assume you were not trying to see me on fire?

Jessica: No, I just got excited. Are you ok?

Me: Yes, I think so, most of my arm hair is gone, and there is a little burn on my arm. More so my hand. Its kind of burnt, but I will be fine.

Jessica: Good, what an adventure, you should go put cold water on it.

Me: Wait, is my hair ok (with great concern)?

Jessica: Yes, looks like it. Still gray on the side.

(Kind of a low blow for someone who just tried to set me on fire)


Later that evening…


Abby: Dad, why is your hand pink?

Me: I got burned Abby.

Abby: Where did that happen?

Me: In the field.

Abby: How did it happen daddy?

Me: You mom set me on fire.

Jessica: Whatever

Abby: That’s why I saw smoke earlier.



An adventurous day. Two broken mowers, Micah ran into a tree on the mower and got a bloody lip, I got set on fire, killed the battery on the four wheeler…


I am going to blame it on the stupid clock change business.