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Today begins the season of Lent. I must admit that Lent did not usually mean very much to me until several years ago. Since that time regardless of what I have chosen to give up or add and regardless of my success in doing so, Lent has always been a deeply spiritual time for me. It is a deeply reflective time for me and I greatly enjoy the power of this church season. I am not always sure what it is (besides God of course) that causes it to be so powerful and so meaningful, but I do know that it is a great time for me to focus more clearly on Christ. Some lent seasons have been deeply challenging and painful, while others have been very reflective. I am hoping for the latter this time around, but we will see what God (and life) have in store for this season. We need to be people who take more time to reflect, regardless of what we believe in God. I am already excited for what Lent will bring this year.

The Nature of Life

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Whenever someone asks me how I am doing, it has been my natural instinct to give them an honest answer, which is rarely expected. When I ask someone else this question, I desire to hear the honest answer with just enough detail. Lately, I have been talking and thinking about the nature of life. There is a distinct difference between life and life abundant (as the Scriptures show us). There is also a huge difference between simply living and living and abundant life. So many times it seems as tough life is about survival and not abundance. It is so easy to focus on the bad, the difficult and the challenging than it is on the positive, the surprising and the encouraging. We live in defeat rather than victory. I think the same is true with busyness. Are our lives busy or are they full? It may sound like the same thing, but it is not in my view. Busy is a negative connotation, we are doing to much and we do not enjoy or have control over what we are doing. To be full (or have life be full) has a more positive connotation, it’s a statement that yes a lot is going on, but its good and its all stuff we chose. I am thankful that my life is both full and abundant. I may not always see it or feel it, but as much as I do and am a part of, I do love it all and know that the Holy Spirit is very present in each and every moment.

Time Off

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Today is day 3 of some time off I have taken from work. I took three sick days to rest, recuperate and tend to doctors appointments and tests. Hoping to find some answers to my health woes has not exactly worked out, but the time off has been good for me. I take self-care seriously, but I also have lapsed as of late. Its much easier to forget to take time to take care of yourself than it is to stay disciplined on a regular basis. It’s a short week for me as I go back to a full day of work tomorrow, but then am off for my regular days off on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully this time of rest will be rejuvenating for me on so many levels. We live in a very busy culture and I know I take on a lot of stuff. Self-care has always been a part of that, but needs to become a more significant part of my day. Life ebbs and flows and rest and a time to stop is an important part of that flow.

New Opportunity

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Today I get to do something relatively new to me, a radio show. I have been on the radio before with youth groups and such, but never anything quite like this. I have been asked to go and do a radio show on teenagers and teen development. I am actually a little nervous, which is odd, because I have no trouble usually speaking in front of people and this is pretty natural stuff for me. I am excited for the opportunity and hope to be able to help those who listen to the show in some way or form. Its certainly a topic that I am passionate about. I will try next week on my blog to reflect on the experience. My greatest hope is that God will use these kind of things to really help others in some way or another and more importantly to help adults understand and support our teenagers and emerging adults. I do love having new experiences!