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November is a month full of travel for me. Growing up I did not get to travel much at all and so for the longest time I really enjoyed traveling. I still enjoy traveling, but not as much as I used to, especially if I do not have my family with me. Being away from my kids is hard and I always miss them a lot. I also love my routine and so that makes travel hard. The change of scenery and new things to do and explore, no matter what reason there is for my travel is enjoyable however. I like getting away and having some time to do something different. Lately, the bigger challenge has been sleeping in a bed that is not my own. I find it much harder to sleep when I am not at home and besides missing my kids, I think that is the biggest reason I don’t like to travel as much.


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I wonder how people ever lived without coffee. I never used to like the stuff at all. I tried it in high school and hated it. I drank it some in college for mere function. I had it occasionally here and there up until after my son was born when I began to drink it pretty regularly. Now, I have come to the place where I have some form of coffee almost every day. In fact, even though I am a morning person, I may have inherited my mother’s grumpiness before coffee gene. Certainly we should never rely on a substance, but in a full and busy life when we would like to stay in bed, coffee sure does help.


I am not sure what I would do without my coffee and I am ok with that!