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Today was the first “snowstorm” of the season. So far we have about 4-5 inches at my house, at least in the places were it has not already melted. I love snow and I love a good snow storm. The more the merrier. I am noticing however that every year the news stations and weather “forecasters” (I like to call them guessers) make a huge deal about the storm and it always turns out to be less than expected. This storm was no exception and I have found it to be humorous. I am not sure why we do this in Colorado. Granted we do not get as much snow as everyone thinks, but still we ought to be used to it. I am more used to it perhaps because I grew up in Upstate NY where we got a lot of snow. I am surprised how much people react here, because those who have lived here should be used to it. Its not an issue of military families—the move and live everywhere and they are tough. If they can do 300 degrees in the middle east, a little snow should be no big deal. It might be because so many people from Colorado are from somewhere else, a lot from Texas and California. That is almost a reasonable excuse, but come on people, its just a little snow.


I say get over it and enjoy it.


May this be the snowiest year of all. Give me blizzards Lord Jesus!

Feast or Famine

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It seems as though that life is always feast or famine. There are these seasons of non stop feast, whether the feast is full of healthy things or not so healthy things. Then there are these seasons of famine–seasons where little to nothing is happening, good or bad. Each of these seasons has value, but I find myself always wanting the other season, especially if I have found myself in feast or famine for an extended period of time. Without the feast we would not be blessed (the good) or challenged (through the bad). Without the feast we would be bored. Without the famine, we would not be able to rest and to reflect. Without the famine we would not be able to enjoy the quiet, be thankful for the excitement. We need the famine for this rest and reflection (good) and to appreciate life (in the midst of the bad). Most days however, I find myself just wanting to live in between.


How about you?


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I have been blessed beyond comprehension. There are many sources and evidences of the blessings in my life, and while I often forget that, I am very thankful for all that God has given me. One of the greatest gifts, if not the greatest gift that God has given me are relationships. Whether it has been or is professors or mentors, family, friends, colleagues, and other individuals, God has been very good to me. It is a constant reminder that we have a God of relationships. We were created to need relationships and even though they are not perfect, it is relationships that bless us the most. It is in relationships that the community of faith, the church is built. I am so thankful for the many relationships that God has given me and hope that I can be a blessing to others in the same way that so many have been a blessing to me and to my family.

Crisis and Conflict

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I need to go on a vacation to some place like this, or perhaps even in the mountains (I think I am going to be able to set up three days Thanksgiving week for free in Breckenridge for my family). In the past four weeks or so, I have had at least one major conflict or crisis about every other day. I never saw myself as someone who hates conflict, but I think I am starting to. Some of the issues were work related, some from other ministries and relationships, others dealign with different organizations and projects, some with family and friends. The good news has been my survival and overall healthy reaction to most of these situations. Its progress for me and it gives me great hope that insecurity does not have to rule my life even in difficult times. It has also been exhausting and so I have found myself feeling a bit worn out. Trying to rest and exercise more and also spend more time with God. I should have known this was coming, life tends to be feast or famine. I also felt a need to ‘go on the offensive’ spiritually as there have been, are and will continue to be so many great God things happening in, around and through me. I hate to spiritualized things too much, so who knows, maybe this is just too much life happening, maybe it is God’s way of strengthening me and drawing me closer to Him (even though he does not cause these things) or maybe it is spiritual attack. In the end, it does not matter because I trust that even though times are challenging, God is in the midst of it all.


I wouldn’t mind a break from it all, however.