Gift of children

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I am constantly reminded how incredibly blessed I am to be a parent. It is something I wanted and it is something that is much more amazing and difficult than I would have ever imagined. I love Micah and Abby more than words can express. In my attempt to lead and teach them, I find that they often teach me. There are so many powerful moments and conversations that change me. It is an honor and I am so grateful that they are and will become more amazing than I could ever be myself. It is also amazing how creative and unique they can be. It is great and terrifying to see what they inherited from us and how they have been able to become something more than their parents. Life is full and busy and I want to continue to find more ways to spend time with and connect with my children. They are one of the greatest gifts I have ever received and I am thankful for this first and most important call that God has given me that is known as parenting.


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I am pretty grumpy today. It does not seem like something worth blogging about, but I feel like the antelope in the picture. As I get older, I seem to get grumpy less and when it happens I usually know it is happening and know why. On the flip side, it seems to last longer and I seem to be grumpier when it happens. Perhaps I need to golf or hike a mountain or take a nap or just have some time off.

I am grumpy because I have been worn out by some situations and am unhappy with one particular situation involving a friend and an organization I am involved with. As a result, I did not get a lot of sleep and then at 5 am I got up to work out. That made me grumpy too because it was not really that fun and my lifting partner had too much fun with the little fun I was having. It has gotten better, then worse, then better throughout the day. I am reminded that self-knowledge can be a powerful tool and that we are all subject to moods, mistakes and the frailty that is our sinful, human, potential filled nature.

Slowing Down

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Slowing down is not easy for me. I know I need to do it, and generally, I do take time to slow down. I make sure to have time most days for some solitude and build other times of silence, reflection as well as time with God into my life. I still need to do more of this. In fact, I need to continue to work on my routine, making sure I get some time in the gym and having some more time each day with God.

The difficulty for me in slowing down is when I have to slow down because I am sick. I hate being sick and the disruption of the schedule is always a challenge for me. Its the slowing down that is out of my control that is the hardest. It seems to take time to recover from any kind of real slow down, especially if it was related to illness. It is very frustrating to be sick. I was sick yesterday and I do not feel well today either. I am hoping it all goes away quick so I can continue to live to the fullest.


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Finally, the temperatures have gone down here, although I am not confident than it is permanent. Of all of the seasons, I love fall the most. As much as I love snow & Christmas, the weather, smells, the sights and the whole nature of fall are very meaningful and enjoyable for me. I look forward to lots of pumpkin flavored food and drinks, enjoying soup and a fire in the fireplace. Seasons are a wonderful reality of life and faith. They keep us focused, provide change and help us to enjoy a routine as well. While fall has most certainly not arrive for good, I see signs of it and it is coming, and for this I am excited!