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I hate to have two weeks in a row where my personal blog consists of complaining, but I guess its an issue of timing. I hate heat. I hate humidity even more. Its one of the many reasons I left the east coast and the thing I miss the least about living there. I have never liked sticky or sweaty even though it makes for a great hair day. It has been hot in Colorado. Even though it is a dry heat which is not as bad, it has been too much. We are not used to it here as we usually only have two or three weeks where were get much above 80. We have set a record for the number of days over 80 in Colorado Springs, and its more than a month worth. Usually we can live without air conditioning but I kind of want to get another mortgage on my house just so I can have it. As much as I love summer, I love fall and winter more and so I also yearn for the days when I can have soup, a hot pumpkin spice latte, sit by the fire and enjoy my hot tub.


Heat, go away…after all it is all about me!

Why I hate August

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I hate the month of August. I think I hate the month of August more than any other month. It is not without its gifts as it is at the end of August Pumpkin Spice usually comes out at Starbucks. Additionally it is the start of the school year and the start of ministry programs at the church.


For me, the good news ends there. I am a creature of habit and I love, thrive on and require routine. That is not to say that I am not flexible, and I generally enjoy some diversity to my life and to my day. The reality is that as I try to balance all that I feel God has called me to, I have to rely on routine to be successful. For me as a person, especially in my own spiritual life, rhythm is key. Rhythm is near impossible for me without routine. August is the month that is most devoid of routine and consistency for me. After having been on vacation in July, I have to go back to work. Jessica goes back to work, Micah goes back to school and until next year, Abby goes back to school at a different time. Each of these transitions into routine happens at a different time. This requires a lot of juggling of schedule, cars, kids, childcare, finances, and many other things. It is an expensive month as well and it seems that the different pace of summer can be hard to transition out of as much as I enjoy the school year. Grumpiness, busyness and tiredness are the modes of operation it seems. I love routine, I love change, but I guess I am not a fan of transition.


Thats the long and short of why I hate August…but it will be over before we know it and the sounds, smells, and tastes of fall will be upon us.

Home Ownership

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We are blessed in this country to not only have the opportunity to own our own home, but to have enough money and resources to have a home that we can own and call our own. I have owned two homes now and it has been a dream I never thought I would achieve. It is certainly much better than renting a home, that is for sure.

Home ownership comes with a lot of ups and downs. The biggest down is the time and money it requires to maintaining and let alone improve a home. We have had to do a lot of repairing, replacing and updating lately and while it is all good and valuable work, it has been a bit overwhelming. Our first house, we built. It was new and nice with little issues. It had a huge kitchen but a small yard. Our house now is very old, has a huge yard and a very small kitchen. I doubt there is such a thing as a perfect home, and I am realizing that no matter what the circumstances of the home or the work that it requires, home ownership is a gift. Most important of all are the relationships and memories that are shared in a home and that you make it your own–of course I would much rather do that with my bank account in tact!