Agia Sophia

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Agia Sophia is a small coffee shop in Old Colorado City (Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs), Colorado. It is one of my favorite places to be and certainly my favorite coffee shop. In fact, I think its the world’s best coffee shop. Not only is it unique (in a old historical building), owned by the Orthodox Church to be a sacred place of conversation and study, but they also have incredible food and beverages. If you know me, you know I love Pumpkin Spice. Its always a sad day for me when all of the Starbucks in town have fun out of it and then I wait for September 1 when it arrives again. Want to know something amazing??  Agia has pumpkin spice all the time (something I discovered just Saturday) so not only is a great place to work, pray, study, talk and connect with God; but they have my favorite drink and it is as good or better than Starbucks. I wish I could move my office here. There are books and icons everywhere. It is a wonderful and sacred atmosphere. It is a wonderful place and I wish that everyone I know and love could experience it. In the area? I will treat anyone to a drink here anytime!


From Agia…


My Kids

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Kids are a mirror to people and a reflection of God to the world.


Every once and a while you get a win. In the midst of parenting, its easy to focus on the tough times. Its easy to assign blame for things that your kids inherited or learned from you. Then there are the moments where your kids amaze you; and rarely do we as parents have the courage to take credit…and that is accurate because most of the time it is God and the community that really deserve the credit. I was thinking about my kids  today and some of the amazing things they have done recently. It occurred to me that both Micah & Abby are deeply caring kids. They comfort crying kids, they have concern for kids who do not fit in. They eagerly greet everyone, and always willing to offer a hug. We got something right. We have given our lives (and by default our kids lives) to caring for others. It is our calling and our greatest legacy, and its a legacy that has already been passed. Now I eagerly wait to watch as our kids continue to amaze us in their care for others and watch with pride as they exceed anything we ever will beyond our own wildest dreams. There is hope for the church and the world yet.

Things Kids Say

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We have incredible kids. We are biased, but even an unbiased observe would have to admit that we lucked out. Its always amazing to see what kids will say and do. Micah and Abby are always surprising us. Sometimes the surprises are unpleasant, other times funny, and often moving. Then there are those things like the ones above where it is funny when it happens, but not as funny when you realize how much is in fact genetic!

There is no greater honor and gift than being a parent, even in the challenging moments to know how much you love this little child and how honored you are to be a part of shaping their life, that God created each of you for this moment, for this relationship. Kids have such a high capacity for love and compassion, its one of the many reasons Jesus told the disciples that unless they became like a little child they would never be able to see the fullness of the kingdom. Thanks God for kids, and especially for ours.




Superbowl musings

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Last night, I watched my Colts lose the Superbowl. I was disappointed. I wanted them to win, but I did not expect a win, and I find myself very happy for the Saints, and especially thrilled for the city of New Orleans. I had the pleasure of watching the game with my family, and with the youth of the church. It was a good time. After the game was over, some of the youth thought I was mad, or that something was wrong, which I found interesting, because I did not feel mad. Today as I have reflected on this, I thought about what was keeping me quiet and not as engaged as usual. I was tired. I need to sleep more…and because I love football, I was tired from the game. The ups and downs are great, and it is fun rooting and hoping for your team, but it is pretty tiring. Its amazing how tired we are as human beings, and I do not think it is the lack of sleep that is always the source of our lack of energy. Perhaps it is our lack of exercise, the way we eat, the quality of our sleep, our stress, etc. I often wonder if our tiredness is because all of the emotional energy we use each day? I think it is, and am pondering if it is a good thing. The use of emotional energy sometimes indicates that we are not relying on God enough. On the other hand, the use of emotional energy indicates significant relationships—which is a Kingdom value. So, I continue to ponder as I reflect on a good night with great friends, what is appropriate tiredness?

swimming lessons

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“Swimming lessons are better than a lifeline to the shore.” C.S. Lewis

from “A Slip of the Tongue” in Weight of Glory


One can always count on Lewis to say something profound that resonates both in his time and culture and beyond. The quote is applicable in many ways, in our handling of life and its challenges, in our relationships (marriage and others), in the way we handle our faith and make decisions. The most profound application has to do with parenting in today’s world. Its terrifying raising a child today, and it truly does take a village. There has always been the temptation to have our children in a bubble so we can protect them. This is perhaps more true than ever in our culture today. Helicopter parenting amongst other things are prevalent and while they might seem good at first glance, they do not prepare our children for life outside of our protective bubbles. Perhaps rather than constantly throwing out a lifeline (or making our kids stay on the shore, or better yet in the house) we might just want to teach them to swim while they can experience consequences, failure and disappointment in safety before they leave the shore on their own.