A Tough Run

September 26, 2009 at 3:57 am • Posted in UncategorizedNo comments yet

It has been very tough lately for me and my family. We have tried to maintain peace and see God in the midst of it, but at times it has been really hard. It kind of feels like life is picking on us a bit. It seems that tough things keep happening. We believe in spiritual warfare and think that is part of it, and we also think it is just part of life we need to endure. It is hard not to get discouraged and have moments of deep pain. Our plan was disrupted, but we trust God. And so we wait to see what is next. We are hoping that it will start to look up soon. The great news is that we have had so much wonderful time as a family! We are appreciative of all the kind words, love, and prayers. Thank you!

Stay at home dad

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Today was my second full day as stay at home dad.  Abby has an ear infection, so we were not able to do our normal schedule but it worked out just fine. I think it is easiest when the kids get to get out a bit. They really do like each other.  I think being outside will make things easier as well. I love spending time with my kids, playing with them, listening to them. I think it is harder for men to do the stay at home thing because we are built differently, but I consider it an honor.  I want to make the most of the time, but also care for myself and not ignore them ever. It will be an interesting task and I will need to be creative. I am not sure how long it will be or how it will work long term. We are still discerning what is next for me and of course in the meantime need to have the kids at home. I do miss work a bit and am still healing, but was sure glad to not have to go to staff meeting! The best moment of the day was turning around in the car to see them both asleep holding each others hand. What a glorious thing.

NFL and other random stuff

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Yesterday was the first Sunday of the NFL season for 2009-2010. Whenever anyone asks me what the hardest part about being in ministry is; one of my first thoughts is missing too much football! I did manage to catch some games yesterday and many of them were not as exciting as one might have hoped, but it was still a wonderful day. The start of the NFL season makes me think of the start of fall and I love fall…the leaves, the thought of snow, pumpkin flavored anything, fires in the fireplace, playing in the leaves with my kids and so much more. I love football, especially pro football and it is a good outlet for me. It allows me moments of true sabbath.  Yesterday I was humored by much of the commentary offered. It turns out that there are still funny and ridiculous things said even with the retirement of John Madden! One of my favorite lines/thoughts was when one commentator talked about how the Minnesota Vikings got Brett Favre as a part of the ‘cash for clunkers’ program.  One commentator talked about a player on the ‘to be incarcerated list’ which I found both sad and funny. I love the thrill of the game and think that the story that unfolds mirrors life in the Kingdom of God so many times. One of my commitments to myself is to be better about blogging so that I can continue to see and reflect on the story God is writing in, around, with, and through me.