The Focus

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I had three knee procedures between February 2017 and December 2017, spending 12 weeks in a wheel chair. In 2017 I visited 6 countries as well. It was a whirlwind of a year and not without its challenges, especially when we added in a new truck engine! That said, it was a wonderful year and I am thankful to have the support and the resources I do. Now, as I recover from all of that and move into a new year, I am working on living into a new routine. The focus is better and more consistent self care and even more management of time for greater effectiveness and continued time with my family. We will see how it goes, it will be the end of April before I am fully able to implement it. I am thankful that I can continue to grow and challenge myself as I take my priorities seriously.

Updated Bucket List

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I first published by bucket list in January of 2014 and as I continue to work on this list, I find it encouraging to review where I am from time to time.

To Complete:

  • Meet Peyton Manning
  • Go to Africa
  • Take Micah & Abby to El Salvador to meet our Compassion Kids
  • Go on an African Safari
  • Go to Australia
  • See Syracuse play in NCAA Final Four
  • Take Micah to a Super Bowl
  • Visit every other Disney resort besides CA & FL

Partially Complete:

  • Visit all 50 states after graduating high school (AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY Complete)
  • Go to NCAA Final Four (National Championship game complete)
  • Visit at least 5 of the 7 continents (North America, Asia, Europe Complete)
  • Do mission work on at least 4 continents (North America & Asia Complete)
  • See a NFL game in every teams stadium (Broncos, Colts, Jets, Giants, Detroit Complete)


  • Take my family to Disney World
  • Take my family to Disneyland
  • See Peyton Manning Play Live
  • Go to the Super Bowl
  • Get doctorate
  • Visit Israel
  • Take extended family to Disney World
  • Go to Germany


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The recovery from knee surgery #2 continues. I am walking without a cane and on no pain meds other than ibuprofen. It gets a bit tired and then is either swollen or tight which can make it feel sore. Stairs greater than 6 steps are still very hard, but the therapist says I am way ahead of the game. I meet with the surgeon again the day after Labor Day for a final check and to schedule the third and final surgery. My hope is to do that right after Christmas and healing should be done before spring break so I can enjoy that. I hope to be back to a full new and improved normal by May of next year. Its been along journey but I do believe the right one and that it will be worth it.

Handicap Life

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I am learning a lot about handicap accessibility and getting a meaningful, humbling glimpse into the life that so many lead not just for a season but for years or a lifetime. I am restricted to not putting weight on my right leg for 6 weeks. It means I am not supposed to drive and am limited to walkers, crutches and wheelchairs. Everywhere I go, I learn about how accessible a place is in terms of wheelchairs and handicap needs including homes, churches, malls and businesses. Its amazing to see what is the most challenging. For example, at the church, the challenge is that all of the key doors (bathrooms, elevators etc.) are very heavy which makes it harder to navigate. I still cannot fully imagine what someone goes through living in a wheel chair, but I am thankful for this experience as I have gained so much understanding.

Airline Ranking

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I have had the privilege to travel to almost 40 states, 16 countries and 3 continents since graduating high school. In that time I have flown with many airlines. Some are still operating, others are not. Some were major airlines, others were not. Some were U.S. based airlines and others were not. On a recent return trip, I got to thinking about how I would rate and rank the airlines I have flowing with. Below are my rankings for airlines I have flown with that are still operating from best to worst.

1. Qatar

2. Southwest

3. Delta

4. American

5. Lufthansa

6. Turkish airlines

7. United

8. KLM

9. US-Bangla Airlines

10. Frontier

11. Air Buddha

12. Allegiant

13. Biman Bangladesh Airline

14. El Al

666. Air Canada

Social Media Fast

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For the season of Lent, I gave up social media. This included looking at, posting on, responding to and doing anything with any social media venue. Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in were all gone from the start of Lent (March 1) until today, Easter Sunday. Now, the general rule for Lent is that you can break your fast on each Sunday in lent as they are not counted. In my case, I simply went on Facebook 3 of the Sundays to check my Facebook Messenger messages to make sure there was nothing urgent, only responding to 2-3 the whole time. I also scrolled through notifications to look for urgent stuff, but did not find any so never clicked on any of those.

Once I took Facebook and Facebook Messenger off my phone, it was really easy to do this and quite frankly it was nice. I like social media for keeping up on friends, family and colleagues. I like hearing about what is going on in peoples lives and love thoughtful, educated opinions, articles and funny links. I hate the uneducated political garbage and the hate that shows up on social media so I don’t really miss that. I usually go on social media when I have 5-15 minutes to kill, other than occasionally posting when I have a thought I want to share. In that sense, my life did not change a lot time wise or in many other ways.

I have always known though that much of the discourse on Facebook in particular (especially around politics) has been toxic. In that sense, I did notice that because I was not exposed to as much of that. That said, I do try to protect myself. I delete anyone who intentionally attacks my family, uses my Facebook to attack me or anyone who intentionally is trying to hurt the church I serve. I also hide people when the stuff the put up is almost always unhealthy. I do on many occasions hide individual posts that are hateful or clearly not accurate or blatantly uneducated. This will continue to be my practice.

I pretty much accept any friend request if I know them and I don’t take social media too seriously. That said, there is some level of trust in accepting people. There is also a level of wisdom in what one posts. I am not perfect at either.

After this fast, I will still use social media, though less. I am less likely to comment on other peoples posts, though I will read them and like them. I will continue to post, though mostly through my third party app, HootSuite. Social media has value, but it certainly has gotten toxic. I do not want to lose the value, but I do want to avoid the unhealthy stuff.

Surgery Update

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Tomorrow will be one month since my first knee surgery. I am doing great and am healing well ahead of schedule. I have full range of motion and am out of all braces and assisted devices. I may even get released from physical therapy early. It has been great and I am thankful for the quick healing. Besides some swelling and then of course pain in various moments, especially after a long day, it feels fine. Even with the issues that are still healing, my left knee feels the best it has in 6 months. The right knee now bothers me more than the left. I am so thankful. Thankful for insurance, thankful for a great medical team, thankful for a great church and family and most of all thankful for all the prayers!


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Tomorrow is my first knee surgery. This surgery will be on the left to clear out a bunch of damage. The damage comes from a genetic condition; like my father my knee caps are out of place. Both knees have bothered me for years, but the left is in the worst shape of the two. I am not nervous about surgery, just the opposite, excited. The past 6 months the knees have been so problematic that I have not been able to count on them to hold up.


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My knee continues to give me trouble after over a decade, though it has gotten worse. After looking into things after two episodes in a month, I will be meeting with a surgeon. The main issue is some damage to cartilage and floating cartilage in the left knee. Both knees have arthritis and knee caps that are not in the proper position, but functionally and structurally are fine. A long family history of knee problems is something I always knew I would have to deal with. I am thankful that I have been able to avoid the worst case scenarios and any major procedures at this point. The general thought is that the surgeon will recommend a scope to clean out the damage on the left knee. I am looking forward to having a plan and getting it all over with.


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This time of year is my favorite time of year. I love the Christmas holiday. Everything about it is fantastic. Even though it is a lot of work, I am so glad to be a part of all of it. The parties, decorating, shopping, family time, time with friends and worship. What a gift. I hope that you are making the most of the holidays.